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We are as strong as our machines

During a co-operation over decades with a leading manufacturer of metal printing machines we got the chance to build complete suppliing aggregates for painting- as well as printing machines.

Up to that time we manufactured high quality parts, developed and assembled certain groups of parts, for example format-adjustments, instruments, scroll-systems, colour-wipers delivered to this customer, of course in the requested surface quality as well as the different hardening methods.

Mid of the 90s we started to assemble the parts which were mostly produced by us to a complete "frame".

In co-operation with a construction office which was also working in the are of printing machines, we realized a new construction of a suppliing-frame. In this construction we reduced a lot of weight and realized an aoutmatically changing format.

This expansion of our production portfolio was requesting a new hall for assembly with 400 m². All these technical requirements could be realized due to our steady intetion of keeping our production up-to-date.

Further chapters are production of parts by lathing, milling, drilling etc. as well as our special sector of renewable energies.