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Quality is the most secure way to success

Goals given by the management are pointing the way, complete and continiuous production and production control as well as sontiniuous control of single process steps and ways of production are guaranteeing our customers a high standard of quality.

Our 5 axis turning and milling machine as well as our 5 axis milling centre are allowing us to produce parts, which have got high levels of production.

Of course we can supply a production certificate for every part produced by us.

Our employees are highly qualified due to continiuous education in the areas of CNC technique, tool technologies, composition of material, improvement of production as well as quality management.

Our production range is fullfilling highest levels of quality, performance, user-friendlyness and maintenance.

Of course, regular investments in machines of the latest generation are not avoidable, in order to guarantee and supply also in future high quality, economy and reliability.