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Without a heart, we would only be machines, we are giving a heart to our machines.

This slogan has got first priority at Karl Strähle GmbH&Co KG, all of our products are being produced and asssembled with a lot of "heart".

Karl Strähle GmbH&Co KG was established in 1937 by Karl Strähle.

At the beginning, the product range was including precision parts for airlane manufacturing. After 1945 machines for fruit pressing, wood-band-saws as well as special machines for wood processing were manufactured.
With growing economic upswing the company has profed as reliable and innovative supplier for prototypes, small series and certain groups of parts. From time to time several patterns and designs in the area of clamping tools, round-switch-tables and wood-briquetting were achieved.

A main development in the company's history was the contruction and development of first of all one press for production of cold pressed plant oil. This product has expanded in short time to a product range of presses with different capacities Due to increasing prices for mineral oil and the technical progress as far as converting diesel engines to plant oil use is concerned, there was a raising demand for complete plants.
As a result, we are nowadays able to deliver complete plants - in co-operation with reliable partner companies starting from the seed collection up to tanking stations for lorries with plant oil usable as fuel.

A very important point at that time was and still is our aim, to build up such plants with competent and proficient employes.
We are delivering such plants in different sizes and settings to farmers, speciality shops in the area of plant oil, farmers cooperatives up to well known forwarding companies.

Our history in numbers

1937 company was established by Mr. Karl Strähle sen.
1937-1945 precise parts for airplane manufacturing
since 1945 fruit presses, wood-sawing machines, machines for wood processing
1953 patent for a certain drilling and centering machines
1962 patent for a certain kind of vice for manufacturing of single parts
1976 company was taken over by Mr. Karl Strähle junior
1982 patent for a wood briquetting press for bulk goods
1987 50 years company jubilee
1988 manufacture and construction of oil screw presses
1996 patent for another screw press
1997 patent for another screw press
1998 copany structure was changed to GmbH&Co KG
1999 patent for another screw press
2005 pattern for plug in systems
2008 patent for another screw press
2009 manufacturing and construction of a filter cake press
2010 company was taken over by Mr. Claus Strähle
2011 manufacture of a pelletizer for small presses model SK60
2011 assembly of photovoltaik plant