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Filtration systems - experiences over years

Karl Strähle GmbH&Co KG is offering suitable filtration systems for every customer.
High valuable oils are already being produced on the farmer's fields, i.e. from the beginning, quality is an important aspect for the seed and the oil Our effective oil presses as well as our oil filtration systems are helping you in order to produce a high quality final product.

Our filters are being adjusted exactly to the previously running oil presses. Depending on the capacities of the oil presses (oil/hour), coontent of particles in the oil as well as oil temperatures.

Our filters are being delivered completely assembled (registered pattern for Karl Strähle GmbH & Co KG) in order to avoid time intensive and expensive time for assembly at customer's side. This means we are using a sort of module-system, which is allowing a complete assembly in our factories, the module system can completely be loaded onto a lorry.

By doing it this way we can offer complete "plug in" systems. The filtration systems are being steered by high quality systems, for example SPS, high valuable valves, sensors. Sondes, powerful compressors which are able to produce the necessary air for the valves of the filter.

You can profit from our experience over years and rely completely on our "know how".