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Chamber filter press model KFP-KS-11

Vertical leaflet pressure filter model VERSIS

chamber filter press in capacity and variability adjusted to each single oil press. The filter elements, which are made out of stainless steel are enabling a silting up of the particles which are in the oil. The pump of the filter press is pumping the oil, which is being kept in motion by a paddle stirrer inside the raw oil tank, out of the raw oil tank into the filter press. This oil is being pushed through the filter plates and back again into the raw oil tank. There is a circulation between raw oil tank and filter press until the particles inside the oil are being collected by the filter plates. For this procedure, enough oil is necessary.

Once the filter layer has been built up at the filter plates and the oil has got ist cleanness. the circulation is being stopped and the oil flows out of the raw oil tank through the polishing filtration into the final storge tank.

Filter plates must be cleaned after this procedure.

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