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Leaflet pressure filter model VERSIS

Vertcal leaflet pressure filter model VERSIS

The vertical leaflet pressure filter has got - due to ist features - a very big specific area of filtration. The filter elements, which are made out of stainless steel are enabling a silting up of the particles which are in the oil. The filter elements are existing of several layers made out of fine stainless steel wire gauze and are guaranteeing a good silting up of the filter particles. The fineness of the wire gauze is depending on the processed seed. Due to the fact that the filter elements are made out of stainless steel, no sign of wear will appear.

The filtration process is divided into several cycles, which are steered over a valuable Siemens SPS system. At first, the natural oil is pumped via a pump out of the raw oil tank into the filter housing, until this is completely filled. After having fillted the housing, a circulation between raw oil tank and filter is running, as long as a filtering layer has been built up at the filter elements.

By this process, the oil becomes clearer and clearer, finally the filter is stopping the circulation. Now the oil is being pumped out of the raw oil tank into the vertical filter, from ther into the polishing filter.

After this period of filtration the filter housing is being emptieed, the remaining oil in the filter is being pushed back into the raw oil tank. After this, the filter cake which is being built onto the filter elements is being dried with compressed air. This dry cake leaves the filter with the vibration system, a lid on the bottom is opening.

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